Cuisinart In-Room Coffeemakers for Hotels

Cuisinart In-Room Coffeemakers for Hotels

Cuisinart Coffeemakers for Hospitality are considered top-quality Hotel FF&E equipment, and Sonu Satellite offers all in-room models. There is a great possibility that your hotel guests currently have Cuisinart Coffeemakers at home, and using the same brand will help them feel even more at home while staying at your property. Each of the Cuisinart Coffeemaker models listed below have been approved for both commercial and hospitality usage. Every unit meets the safety standards necessary for everything from hospitals to restaurants to luxury hotels.

Single, Double, and 4-Cup Coffeemakers are available to fit the space your guest room design provides. Single-Cup Coffeemakers are best for smaller rooms with less space and fewer occupants, where-as your hotel suites may be better suited for a 4-Cup model. Each design comes in a sleek look and feel to fit the decor of your property, offering both Black and Stainless Steel color options.

Easy-to-Fill Water Reservoirs protect your guest room furniture from extra spills and water damage, and our single-cup coffeemaker models will brew an 8 oz. coffee or tea in under 4 minutes! Our 4-cup models also come engineered with an Auto-Shut Off function, which protects your property from fire hazards and extra electric costs. Both our Single-Cup and Dual-Cup coffeemakers use the same standard coffee pods to keep supplies simple. Trust in the name that sits on your customer’s kitchen counter. Purchase Cuisinart Hospitality Coffeemakers for your Hotel or Motel properties today!

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Cuisinart 1-Cup Coffeemaker | W1CM5


Cuisinart 1-Cup Coffeemaker | W1CM5S


Cuisinart 2-Cup Coffeemaker | WCM11


Cuisinart 2-Cup Coffeemaker | WCM11S


Cuisinart Ultimate Brewing System | WCM19

Cuisinart Hotel Coffeemaker Ultimate Brewing Station WCM19

Cuisinart 4-Cup Coffeemaker | WCM04B


Cuisinart 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Brushed Stainless Carafe | WCM08B

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