DIRECTV for Healthcare

Healthcare TV Systems

Sonu Satellite specializes in TV for Hospitals and the Healthcare industry.  Our knowledgeable and courteous team is always ready to assist in new systems, upgrades, or questions regarding your current service.  With DirecTV’s broad range of popular and affordable programming, Sonu offers unparalleled service to hospitals, assisted living facilities and other healthcare facilities from coast to coast.


Sonu Satellite and DirecTV offer two types of equipment systems for healthcare facilities: Head-end units and DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) systems.


Headend systems are available in both analog and digital HD.  They are custom-built for each healthcare property and ideal for any number of rooms. The equipment is installed in a central location, away from consumer contact so your patients or residents and unauthorized staff will not have access to it.   In most cases, a building’s existing wiring can be used with little to no modifications.


You choose not only the number of channels but also which channels you want to broadcast allowing you to meet residents’ specific needs.  No special remote or other in room equipment is needed.  With a headend system patients can flip through channels using the TVs own remote without ever knowing they are watching a satellite service.  Some key features of the headend include:


  • Custom channel line up
  • Optional scrolling on-screen channel guide
  • All equipment stored in a centralized location
  • Compatible with most wiring

The Residential Experience

The DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) system more closely resembles the at-home experience.  One receiver is installed at each TV which enables the viewer to have access to the full programming packages and channels you’ve selected, many of which are in HD.  These receivers are small enough to be discreetly mounted behind each TV for hospitals or furniture.  The DRE also features a simplified, anti-microbial remote control.  The DRE features:


  • Fully customizable welcome screen
  • User-friendly, interactive program guide
  • Maximum access to HD Channels

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