Hospitality Clean Remotes

Hospitality Clean Remotes

Clean-Remote-CR3BCB-FeaturesClean Remotes are a great way to cut down on germs within Lodging & Hospitality businesses. Many people think standard TV remotes are sanitary enough for their employees and guests to handle safely, but bacteria can easily be passed via the gaps and crevices around their button layouts. Clean Remotes are specifically designed to cut down on the available space for germs and bacteria to live and grow. As public health concerns continue to rise, offering this level of health safety can be a great selling point for your guests.

Cleaner Hotel Guest Rooms

Clean Remote TV remotes have been scientifically proven to be 99% more sanitary than traditional television remote wands. They are coated in an anti-microbial and non-porous finish to reduce bacteria growth, and offer a flat control face without hidden compartments for biological materials to collect. The two major sanitary design features also make Clean Remotes much easier to clean completely. Less bacteria means less employee sick days, and much happier guest reviews.

Simple TV Remote Design

Besides the health and sanitation benefits of Clean Remotes, our models also come with some very useful guest room management features for hotels. Our TV remotes are engineered with a hidden battery compartment. Sometimes guests can be a bit funny, and take the batteries during their stays with hotels. When doing this, often TV remote battery doors and fastening screws can be lost or broken. The Clean Remote design makes sure guests have less readily available access to the battery compartment, saving hotels money and menial front desk calls. The new CR3BCB Clean Remote runs on only 2 AAA batteries!

Easy Remote Setup

Clean Remotes with Sonu Satellite are also designed to be easily programmed for over 200 TV brands used in the hospitality industry. The “One-Button Setup” programs your TV remote without the need for any complicated processes or codes. Simply hold down the set-up button until your TV monitor shuts off, and releasing it will lock in your programming. That’s it! Once programmed, the hidden battery compartment also hides the set-up button to make sure guests cannot attempt to re-program them. Your Clean Remote will even stay programmed upon removing the batteries.

Durable Hospitality Remotes

Clean Remotes have also been thoroughly tested for durability and hospitality repeat usage. Our TV remote controls are rated for over 500,000 button presses per button. The battery compartment lid on the new CR3BCB model has been engineered to be even stronger than previous editions. The Best Western hotel brand requires that every property use Clean Remotes in their guest rooms, because they are just that good. Make your guest room simpler, cleaner, and more durable for everyone in your hotel with Clean Remotes.


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