Hospitality TVs – Samsung Hotel TV Price Drop


Hospitality TVs – Samsung Hotel TV Price Drop

Samsung Hospitality TVs – New Promotion

Samsung Hospitality TVs have been making a huge splash on the hotel and motel guestroom space recently, and things just keep getting more interesting. Samsung has now released a brand new 2019 promotion, dropping prices in addition to the smash-hit “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” and “Buy 12 Get 1 Free” offers. As a hotelier, this deal is just too good to pass up. Upgrade the hospitality TVs in every guest room, and get Free Televisions for your lobbies and common areas! Let’s break down this brand new promotion, so you can have a better idea of just how many savings are available on Samsung TVs with Sonu Satellite.

Let’s review the current “Buy 10” and “Buy 12” promotions. If you act now on both Samsung SMARTV and Non-SMARTV hospitality TV models, your bulk television order will qualify your property to receive free Samsung televisions of the same model (Models Listed in Promotion ONLY). All TV models within this promotion offer Direct-Lit LED technology, providing your property with energy-savings over older non-LED displays. Both Pro:Idiom and Non-Pro:Idiom models are available in sizes from 32 inches up to a whopping 75 inches! So if you have been interested in increasing the size of your guestroom TVs, now would be the best time ever. The NJ670U, NJ678U, and NJ690U series hospitality televisions are also 4K UHD resolution models, giving your hotel or motel property the absolute highest clarity and color on the market. Broadcast 4K UHD Sports and Special TV Events via a brand new DIRECTV COM3000 Headend System, ask Sonu Satellite how this combination can benefit your business.

Now for the price-drop feature of this brand new Samsung promotion.

In addition to the “Buy 10” and “Buy 12” promotional offers, new low pricing has been released in the following fashion:

  • Up to $40 Off | 32″-49″ Standard Samsung Hospitality TVs
  • Up to $70 Off | 32″-65″ Premium Samsung Hospitality TVs
  • Up to $160 Off | 43″-75″ Luxury Samsung Hospitality TVs


Take advantage of this incredible limited-time promotion, and upgrade your hotel or motel properties with state-of-the-art televisions. Contact Sonu Satellite to speak with a qualified representative, and obtain a Free Quote on brand new Samsung Hospitality Televisions. Our staff will take your property details, and walk you through the necessary information to make sure your order is the best solution for your specific business. Click the “Free Quote” button below to provide us with some basic information, and expedite the process.

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Samsung Hospitality TVs 2019 Promotion
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