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Hospitality TVs | Samsung NJ670U Series

Samsung NJ690U Hotel TVs

Hospitality TVs have been a prime focus for Samsung as of late, and they don’t look like they will be changing that anytime soon. Samsung has released a brand new line of HD television displays for Hotels and Motels across the nation, featuring 4K UHD resolution, HDR10+ Display Technology, and more. The Samsung NJ690U series Hospitality TVs have come along with fantastic timing, as the DIRECTV COM3000 has practically reinvented the way the hospitality industry is viewing guest room entertainment and common area displays.

Take full-advantage of the ever-increasing 4K UHD programming available via DIRECTV for Hospitality with NJ690U TVs. Not only will your hotel or motel properties be offering the cutting-edge of display resolution, but it will be enhanced even further by Samsung’s HDR10+ technology. HDR10+ increases the power of every pixel on your hospitality TV, giving you deeper black tones, richer colors, and expanded contrast for a viewing experience with far more depth. Make movies, sports, and TV shows pop on a whole new level for your guests, patrons, and staff! All Samsung NJ690U TVs are also powered by Direct-Lit LED screens, giving you all of the visual power without increasing your energy bills.

The NJ690U series also comes with upgraded H.Browser capabilities, allowing property managers to develop a truly custom guest-facing menu. With H.Browser capable TV displays, no additional set-top box is required to deliver an unrivaled welcome menu with highly-interactive features and apps. Every Samsung H.Browser display comes with a Quad-core Processor built-in, and the open-source Software Development Kit for creating your dream hospitality user-interface.

Samsung’s LYNK Reach 4.0 Content Management Solution and LYNK Hospitality Management Solution take the NJ690U series TVs from displays to the future guest-room command center. The LYNK Reach 4.0 CMS integrates via your property’s coaxial, local area network (LAN), and/or Wi-Fi networks to deliver a deeper property management experience. Enjoy guest room monitoring and interactive guest service functions that erase a number of headaches and front-desk calls. The LYNK HMS adds even further benefits to the Reach 4.0 system, making your Samsung Hospitality TVs seamlessly integrate with other smart devices. Guests can control room temperature, lighting levels, and window drapes all from their Samsung TV remote.

Property Management can also use the Samsung LYNK HMS system to:

  • Monitor and Control Guest Room Temperatures Remotely
  • Check Occupancy
  • Monitor Room Cleaning Status

The NJ690U series Hospitality TVs are equipped with Pro:Idiom MPEG4 technology, allowing them to access HD programming from DIRECTV and the majority of VOD platforms. This means these models will work seamlessly with your DIRECTV Headend system. Your hotel or motel will not need to place set-top boxes of any kind within your guest rooms to enjoy all of the features listed. They even come with swivel stands to make your decorative efforts as simple as possible.

Samsung’s NJ690U Hospitality TVs come in 43 inch, 50 inch, 65 inch, and a whopping 75 inch model. Streamline and upgrade every guest room and common area TV within your hotel or motel, and take full advantage of the hospitality features listed below:

Auto Volume Limiter
Control the maximum volume level of every guest room television.

Anti-Theft Battery Cover Battery
Door is secured, ensuring batteries remain in the remote controller.

Clock On Timer and Alarm Key
Allows guests to program their TVs to turn on as a wake-up alarm.

Channel Remapping
Allows the hotelier to change channel and TV source to a different channel.

Hotel Channel List
Guest master channel listing of program content. This will display content in analog or HD.

Closed Captioning
A text display of all audio content, including spoken dialog and non-speech information such as the identity of the speakers and symbols for sound effects and music.

On Screen Display Language
Choose English/French/Spanish. Power On Status Setting Settings include Power Always On, Last Option, Standby, or Virtual Standby.

Hotel Logo Display with Time Out Setting
Display hotel logo bitmap files as a greeting startup display.

Hotel Mode Plug & Play
Interactive and Stand-Alone modes available.

Lockout Controls
The hotelier can enable front panel and menu display lock-outs.

Multi-Code Remote
Eliminates interference when two or more TVs are used in close proximity to each other.


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