PTAC Units – Heat Pump VS Heat Strip


PTAC Units – Heat Pump VS Heat Strip

PTAC Units – Know Your Heaters

PTAC Units are especially popular replacement items for Hotel and Motel properties every year. As one of the most used appliances in hospitality, every hotelier knows the importance of having a quiet, durable, and reliable PTAC Unit running in every guest room. As the seasons change, many hotel and motel owners are faced with repairing and cleaning old units to hopefully stretch them for another season. This tactic may or may not be a great decision based on the age of your equipment, and whether or not they purchased the right PTAC Units for their space in the first place. Since we are moving quickly into colder weather, this article will focus on the differences between PTAC Unit Heaters and the ways they function. It is very important to understand the difference between how both PTAC Heat Pumps and PTAC Heat Strips work, and how each effects your hotel or motel properties.

PTAC Heat Strip

Hoteliers are often more focused on the bottom line of purchasing or replacing PTAC Units than the requirements of their properties, and this often leads to some very costly mistakes. Most PTAC Units come manufactured with an electric heating element called a “Heat Strip” included. Heat Strip only units normally run a bit less expensive than models with upgraded heating, making them more attractive to a business owner. What hoteliers should know about purchasing PTAC units with Heat Strips only, is their energy consumption is also noticeably higher.

A Heat Strip is a very simple electric heating element, not unlike the ones used in budget consumer space heaters. They are wire elements within your PTAC unit that heat air as it is being passed over them. Although this is a very effective and reliable manner of providing heat for a guest room, it is also very costly on an electric bill. Multiply that extra energy consumption by all of the rooms in your hotel, motel, or hospital, and the amount you saved by purchasing a cheaper unit seems a bit silly. Especially since you will be paying this figure every season until you replace them. The Sonu Satellite team suggests that every hotel owner give greater consideration to the upgrade listed below for that reason.

PTAC Heat Strip Kit

PTAC Heat Pump

Although it may seem like a very small upgrade, the PTAC Unit Heat Pump is an extremely smart and efficient tool for your business. A PTAC Heat Pump works in tandem with the Heat Strip, but consumes 60% less energy on average to produce the same amount of heat. The Heat Pump works by effectively reversing the cooling cycle of the PTAC Units’ air conditioner. Refrigerant is used to heat the coils, and the heated air is then forced back into the room. Normally, the PTAC Heat Pump will run alone until the temperature reaches below 35 degrees. Once it gets that cold, the Heat Strip will take over and provide constant electric heat.

PTAC Heat Pumps are 60% More Energy-Efficient than heat strips on average, which is hard to ignore. When you consider the amount of time temperatures fluctuate somewhere between 36 and 60 degrees, it becomes much more clear why the Heat Pump is an educated purchase for any property owner. All Sonu Satellite PTAC Units have Heat Pumps available, and we strongly urge any Hotel, Motel, Hospital, or Assisted Living Community purchaser to choose the upgraded models. You will see the savings in your electric bill very quickly. Give us a call to speak with a live sales representative, or fill out the form linked from the button below to request a Free Quote.

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