Samsung TVs – LYNK REACH Hospitality Management

Samsung TVs – LYNK REACH Hospitality Management


Samsung is one of the leading TV manufacturers for the Hospitality Industry worldwide, and we are proud to be an official vendor for both Samsung HD Televisions and Samsung LYNK REACH Hospitality Management systems. This article will explain how Samsung’s LYNK REACH is innovative technology, and how its features will benefit hotel owners nationwide. LYNK REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) provides hotel guestrooms with “Wow Factor” features and information, and hotel staff with more information and efficiency.

First, let’s look at how Samsung’s LYNK REACH Hospitality Content Management System works. The REACH system is available for installation within any hotel’s new or existing communications and media infrastructure, including COAX, LAN, and WiFi networks. Hotels and Motels can have hundreds of display monitors throughout their properties, and this requires both time and money be spent on maintenance for them. The LYNK REACH system provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) to every TV on your property, eliminating the need for Pro:Idiom Televisions and Set-Top Boxes. Less equipment mean less maintenance, and less maintenance means more time with less cost. Upgrading your hotel or motel property to a single-source content management system will also decrease your energy costs while offering your guests a more advanced media and communication experience.Samsung Hospitality LYNK REACH System Infographic

LYNK REACH 4.0 turns every capable Samsung Hospitality TV on your property into a central hub for branded content and personalized information delivery. Hotel Management Teams use REACH to distribute customized content to both single monitors and blocks of TVs at their discretion. Content management services can include billing information, flight information, language settings, wake-up call, weather and more depending on your property’s infrastructure. LYNK REACH also provides centralized channel management capabilities, including a customizable interactive program guide. Allow your guests to view personalized channel lineups, guest services, billing information, flight information, current weather forecasts, local guides, and more right on their guestroom Samsung TV screen. Hotel managers can upload and embed video clips and URL links to produce an interactive and engaging welcome channel. As guests check in, hotels can direct them to this channel to promote on-site services and notify them about area attractions, both on-site and off. Hotels can even generate a new revenue stream by offering local businesses on-screen, in-room advertising opportunities. This is the beauty of a centralized media hub, and the technological convenience your guests will rave about.

Hotel Management Teams may benefit even more from LYNK REACH than their guests. The number one thing this content management system saves for hotel staff members, is time. LYNK REACH integrates with existing Property Management Systems (PMS) to activate a whole new world of central management features. Existing IPTV infrastructures can be maximized with Two-Way Communications. During check-in, the hotel’s servers transfer guest data to LYNK REACH and enable hotel managers to tailor and share messages with each guest, ranging from restaurant reservation lists to event information. As guests check out, the in-room display provides a comprehensive review of accumulated charges and conveniently offers express checkout, including synchronized pay approval, so guests don’t have to visit the lobby to close out their stay.

Samsung Hospitality TVs LYNK REACH IPTV DiagramSamsung Hospitality TVs LYNK REACH Two-way Communication

Contact Sonu Satellite for exclusive pricing on Samsung Hospitality TVs, and ask about having your property upgraded to include the LYNK REACH Content Management System. Take your property into the future with upgraded technologies for both your guests and hotel management staff. Ask about the other products and services Sonu Satellite has been providing to the Hospitality Industry for over 20 successful years. Our family is your family!

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