SMART Hotel TVs | SAMSUNG NF690 Series

SMART Hotel TVs | SAMSUNG NF690 Series

SAMSUNG NF690 Series Hotel Smart TVs

Smart hotel rooms are evolving every day, and the Hotel Smart TV is the visual center piece providing a window into the limitless future. Samsung Hospitality Displays are constantly pushing the boundaries of how both guests and hotel staff are using Smart TVs to further enrich the hospitality experience. The Samsung NF690 Series Hospitality SMART TV is packed with some of the newest content management and Hotel PMS System integration features, turning the hotel guest room into a more efficient and fun place to be.

The Samsung NF690 Hotel Smart TV is available in 32 inch, 40 inch, 43 inch, and 49 inch displays. The core of every hospitality feature these Smart TVs offer, is the TIZEN Operating System. The NF690 Series operates with TIZEN 3.0, providing higher graphic performance, personalized branding options, custom menu development, and increased security. The NF690 series is able to render content faster in 42fps due to these system upgrades, allowing better functionality with TIZEN and Web-Based Applications.

Custom branded menus give your hotel the ability to truly tailor a guest’s experience within their room. Smooth text overlays provide sleek custom logos, time information, date information, and more via HTML format. A fully customisable scroll menu gives your hotel access to unlimited feature icons, where you can offer your guests up-front access to General Information, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth Music Player, Mobile Casting, Games, Weather Apps, Internet Browsing, and much more. Create a fully-integrated informational and entertainment focused smart menu, personalized for your hotel’s location.

The Samsung NF690 Hotel Smart TV also integrates with both the LYNK Reach 4.0 Server and LYNK Hospitality Management System (HMS). These tools truly take hotel property and guest management to a futuristic level. The LYNK Reach 4.0 Server delivers the ability for property managers to monitor and make changes to both individual displays and groups of displays across their entire hotel. Hotel staff is able to check and reset TV Settings, In/Out Status, Guest Information, Room Information, and Network Settings from a centralized location. Personalized guest messages can be sent directly to their guestroom for both check-in and express check-out functions. The HMS Room Management Solution (RMS) allows for real-time control of guestroom temperature, lighting, door sensors, window drapes, and more. The Energy Management Solution (EMS) works to save your property money by changing guestroom temperature, lighting, and media device power based on room occupancy.

These interactive guest features and property management capabilities create a more efficient and cost-effective guestroom experience. Call Sonu Satellite to ask about current promotions and pricing on upgrading your hotel or motel properties with Samsung NF690 Hospitality SMART TVs.

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