What is Pro:Idiom Technology?

What is Pro:Idiom Technology?

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What is Pro:Idiom, and What Does it Do?

In today’s ever-expanding technological world, Digital Rights Management (DRM) has become a necessity for content providers to protect their product. Without an encrypted signal, the digital TV signal used within your Hotel, Motel, Healthcare, Entertainment, or Business facility can easily be pirated by an outside source. This is why major providers, such as HBO, now require businesses have a form of encryption.

Pro:Idiom™ was developed by LG to create an easier encryption solution for hospitality businesses than forcing TV programming providers to encrypt the source. With Pro:Idiom TVs, Hotels can encrypt digital HD signals without set top boxes in their guest rooms. The signal passes through a central decoder, such as the DIRECTV Com2000 Headend System, and is re-encoded for secure delivery to the TV in each of their rooms. Then the Pro:Idiom chip at the television decodes it once more for secured viewing.

Is Pro:Idiom Still Necessary?

This is where the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) chimes in. The DRE system removes the extra encoding and decoding steps by adding a compact set top box in every guest room. In many DRE setup hospitality facilities, you will even find the box hidden, attached to the back of the TV itself. The DIRECTV Residential Experience mimics an L-Band Commercial TV Distribution System, and provides guests with more HD channel selections while being more economical and easier to maintenance.

When your Hotel, Motel, Healthcare, Assisted Living Facility, or Office is equipped with a DRE system, you no longer need to purchase Hospitality Grade TV Monitors for Pro:Idiom encryption. Although it is still recommended that commercial hospitality TVs are used for their guest management features (control locking) and durability, the DIRECTV Residential Experience system allows your business to purchase and use residential quality televisions.

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