Zoneline PTAC Units


Zoneline PTAC Units

GE PTAC Units – Zoneline

Sonu Satellite is an official national supplier of GE Zoneline PTAC Units. The new Zoneline PTAC models are some of the most efficient and quiet running air temperature control units on the market. Keep your guests comfortable in both hot and cold weather by installing GE in your hotel guestrooms, hospital rooms, college dormatories, nursing homes, and more.

The GE Zoneline PTAC Unit is designed with a number of features and materials that make it one of the highest ranked Heating & Cooling devices for commercial use. The Zoneline has Heat and Freeze Sentinels programmed to protect your facilities and your budget by combating overheating and freezing. These units also come standard with Temperature Limiters, which are preset to avoid abrupt climate swings and save energy. The Reverse Cycle Defrost also allows your heat pump to both last longer and run more efficiently.

Shore properties often have many issues with their heating and cooling units due to the salt air constantly running through them. The GE Zoneline PTAC units are fitted with special paint, coating, and stainless steel to create Corrosion Protection for special climates. When coupled with the Weather Barrier System Seal and the features listed in the previously, it becomes easy to understand why the Zoneline PTAC has received such great feedback from property owners. These advancements in commercial heating and cooling keep your guests happier, your bills down, and your staff focused on other important tasks.

Put your trust in Sonu Satellite and GE Zoneline PTAC units for commercial heating & cooling. Contact 877-999-7668 to speak with a live representative about current pricing, and receive a free quote for equipment and installation based on your specific property needs.

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