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Commercial TV for Hotels


Flexible Options

DIRECTV TV for Hospitality systems helps fill every room in your hotel or motel by providing the best TV for business experience on the market. Give your guests the luxury of browsing for television programming the same way they do at home with the DIRECTV Residential Experience.

TV for Hotels
Commercial TV for Hospitals


At-home experience

DIRECTV for Healthcare facilities is a wonderful way to make your patients and their loved ones feel more comfortable. Sonu Satellite has commercial grade televisions available from both LG and Samsung, and will install your TV for business system in both patient rooms and waiting rooms.

TV for Hospitals
Commercial TV for Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities

Best Entertainment Solution

DIRECTV for Healthcare includes Assisted Living Communities. The DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) is the best entertainment solution for raising resident satisfaction and revenue. Make your Assisted Living patients more comfortable with our top-quality TV for business systems.

Assisted Living Facilities
Commercial TV for Bars and Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants

Best Sports Entertainment

DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants will make your food/service establishment the go-to place for the best sports entertainment. DIRECTV offers packages for NFL Football, MLS Soccer, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and College Sports too!

Bars & Restaurants
Commercial TV for Offices


Office Entertainment

Give your company’s office employees and visitors access to business news that shapes your industry. DIRECTV offers TV for business packages which include channels like Bloomberg TV, CNN, HGTV, and more.

TV for Offices
Commercial TV for Gyms

Shops, Gyms, Lobbies

On the go entertainment

DIRECTV TV for Business will keep your customers entertained while they shop, wait or work out. The Business Entertainment package offers over 90 channels, including Disney, Discovery, ESPN, Food Network, MTV, and so much more.

Shops, Gyms and Lobbies

Sonu Satellite TV

Leading nationwide provider of DIRECTV for Business

Sonu Satellite has installed thousands of commercial TV for business systems across the country. We provide prompt commercial television service should you ever require assistance with your satellite TV equipment. Sonu Satellite is a leading retailer of DIRECTV for business, providing quality entertainment and top-notch customer service nationwide.  DIRECTV’s comprehensive and affordable programming allows you to give your patrons the television content they expect without exceeding your company budget.

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TV For Hotels & Motels


High Definition Television (HDTV) Solutions for Hotels, Motels & Resorts from DIRECTV

Great TV Experience

Today your guests expect your hotel to provide the TV experience they have at home.

DIRECTV for Business

Hospitals & Healthcare

Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable.

Bars & Restaurants

DIRECTV works as your partner in establishing an engaging and entertaining experience for your bar & restaurant customers

Some of our Clients!

Leading nationwide provider of DIRECTV for Business

DIRECTV for the Business Industry


DIRECTV Residential Experience

DIRECTV turns new customers into regulars, helps reduce perceived waiting room times, and keeps employees connected to the news feeds they need. Contact us to get started with DIRECTV today!