What is the Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP)?

What is the Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP)?

Transforming the Guest Entertainment Experience with the Advanced Entertainment Platform

AEP Advanced Entertainment Platform

What is the Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP)? AEP sets a new industry standard. It offers the best of linear live TV and free-to-guest access to thousands of programs streamed, on demand. An easily customizable experience makes for the ultimate setup. The home screen can be easily customized to promote your own brand. Create custom welcome messages for guests and promote on-site events. There’s an option to welcome guests with a preset video or selectable default channel, giving you control over integrating your own message.  Insert your own logo, add a background color or upload a custom image to create your own look. Never before has in-room digital branding been so easy.

Deliver a rich, intuitive guest experience with the simple, interactive home screen. With the AEP, it allows for guests to easily select a program or service-related app. This system was built specifically for the hospitality industry, so features like optional ability to control the in-room TV with a personal mobile device and easy-to-clean antimicrobial are excellent additions. There’s even optional equipment available that gives guests the choice to seamlessly stream content from their personal devices to their in-room television with DIRECTV Streaming Solution1.

Simple and flexible to meet the demands of the Hospitality Industry

  • Solution set top box terminates industry standard Pro:Idiom Mobile content protection
  • Set top box can be easily hidden by mounting it behind the in-room television or placing it behind furniture
  • No PMS integration required
  • Set-top boxes reset every day to remove any guest viewing or authentication history
  • Custom infrared (IR) remote features antimicrobial additives and is easily wipeable
  • Custom IR remote requires no pairing with set-top boxes
  • Supports HD and 4K^ HDR content
  • Requires 25 Mbps per 100 rooms WAN broadband service to the property
  • Cloud-managed customizations
  • Cloud-delivered updates


The Advanced Entertainment Platform adds an in-room set-top box and cloud services to HD COM Systems. It works with the COM3000 or COM2000 with the addition of a COM51 card. Small but powerful, these set-top boxes are 8.5” W x 5.5 D” x 1.3” H and are easy to clean. Boxes must be Internet connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. For set top boxes connected via Wi-Fi, one Wi-Fi access point is recommended per three rooms for best connectivity. The custom IR remote control, featuring antimicrobial additives, was designed with hospitality in mind. For more information on how to give your guests the best in in-room entertainment, contact Sonu Satellite today at 1-877-999-7668.


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