What is a COM2000 Headend System?

What is a COM2000 Headend System?

DIRECTV COM2000 Headend SystemWhat is a Satellite TV Headend System?

A Headend system for satellite TV programming is a core unit used for receiving and processing TV signals. Most commonly found in the hospitality industry, Headend satellite TV systems are designed with both SD and HD capabilities. Sonu Satellite has designed and installed Headend systems in hotels, motels, hospitals, Retirement Communities, Assisted Living locations, and many more Lodging & Hospitality businesses.

Satellite TV Headend systems are custom built for each business location. The property owner chooses specific programming he/she finds to be best suited for their employees and guests. The DIRECTV Headend equipment is installed in a central location, only accessible by staff, and distributed to each television monitor. Guests and employees use their TV remote to change channels directly on the TV they are using.


DIRECTV once again sets the industry standard for equipment features and product reliability with the COM2000. This second generation commercial headend product leverages the reliable and hardened COM1000 Headend platform, which has been the satellite TV market leader since 2009. The COM2000 is competitively priced at half the price of the COM1000, and provides more channels in less space.

The COM2000 offers 8 HD or SD channels per blade. 48 HD channels in 3 RUs (5.25”), 96 HD channels in 6 RUs (10.5”). This Headend system is physically the smallest size chassis, allowing much more work space in your facility. The DIRECTV COM2000 is an easy-to-expand platform that can support hundreds of SD or HD channels.

The COM2000 Headend system also offers a feature rich array of marketing and management capabilities. Its improved local management through integrated web interface allows remote management for all properties from one centralized location. Both local and over-the-air content insertion makes programming management much easier! Intsallation is developed on same platform as COM1000, so your original dealers/installers are already familiar with the product.
The COM2000 is also Backward Compatible to allow for easy High Definition & Standard Definition expansion on existing commercial satellite TV deployments.
As if that wasn’t enough, the COM2000 is also a completely Plug and Play platform!

The COM2000 Headend system is both Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient. In fact, it’s an even more efficient design than the already eco-friendly COM1000. The COM2000 is FCC tested as Commercial Grade Equipment (designed for harsh environmental conditions) with low energy consumption, and requires less than 225 watts of power consumption (a 37% efficiency gain over DISH’s SMARTbox).

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