DIRECTV for Business – Troubleshooting – Error Code 771

DIRECTV for Business – Troubleshooting – Error Code 771


One of the most common Error Codes you may experience with DIRECTV for Business, is Error Code 771. This code is notifying you that there is a disturbance in signal communication between your dish and your receiver. If you are seeing this error message while experiencing severe weather in your area, it is best to allow the weather to pass before contacting a Sonu Satellite Support Tech. In rare situations, heavy rain, hail, and/or snow may disrupt the programming signal being sent to your satellite dish.

In the event that your business is NOT experiencing severe weather, and you are seeing Error Code 771 on all television monitors, please call Sonu Satellite at (877) 307-6677 immediately for technical support.

Maybe you are seeing Error Code 771 on a select few receivers/channels., but have not lost programming across your entire DIRECTV for Business system. In this case, there are a few simple steps you can take to attempt solving the issue before making a support call.

STEP 1: Check all Signal Connections to DRE Receiver or Pro:Idiom TV

DIRECTV for Business Signal Connections

Sometimes signal connectors can become loose or impeded by dust.

Confirm all connections are stable, and clean them with Canned Air if available.

You may also want to switch a working receiver from another room to the TV you are having an issue with.

(If swapping receiver fixes Error Code, the original receiver must be replaced.)

STEP 2: Check DIRECTV Satellite Dish for Obstructions

DIRECTV for Business Satellite TV Dish Obstructions

Sometimes things like tree branches, plastic bags, or even animals have caused signal interruption.

If you can safely view your satellite dish, confirm there is nothing obstructing the dish and line of sight.

If there is an obstruction, and YOU CAN SAFELY REMOVE IT, clear it see if you regain signal.

DO NOT attempt an unsafe action to accomplish this. A technician will be sent out for complicated obstructions

** Once these steps have been completed, and signal has not been restored, please call

Sonu Satellite (877) 307-6677 for Technical Support.