DIRECTV Cinema Saves Hotels Bandwidth


DIRECTV Cinema Saves Hotels Bandwidth

Hotel internet is shrinking fast!

The growing demand for guest room mobile device integration has every hospitality business owner looking for ways to maximize their internet bandwidth. Customers are looking for the capabilities they enjoy at home, and streaming content to an HD TV from their mobile devices has become a matter of comfort rather than “wow-factor”. Luckily, DIRECTV Cinema offers an On-Demand experience similar to that of Netflix or Hulu without an extreme tax on your hotel or motel bandwidth.

DIRECTV Cinema for Hospitality

The content DIRECTV Cinema offers to your guests is stored within an On-Site Caching Server, relieving your already taxed internet network from the strain of additional streaming videos on guests’ mobile devices. DIRECTV Cinema with On-Demand offers both “Free-to-Guest” and “Pay-Per-View” premium movies and TV shows. “Free-to-Guest” content includes thousands of movies and TV shows from HBO® and SHOWTIME® without the need for guests to subscribe, login or authenticate a personal account. These premium channels already hold many of the titles your guests would be looking to stream, and now they can do so without the use of their smart phone. “Pay-Per-View” content includes new blockbuster movies added weekly, and normally up to a month before they are available on Netflix or Redbox. Each movie can be viewed for a charge of $5.99 to the guest.

DIRECTV Cinema with On-Demand is a feature of the DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus package. For more details on the difference between the DIRECTV Residential Experience and DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus systems, please visit the link provided below or speak with a qualified DIRECTV for Hospitality agent at 877-999-7668. The Sonu Satellite staff has been serving the national hospitality industry for over 20 years, and we take great pride in helping hotel/motel owners get exactly what they need for in-room entertainment.

DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus

DIRECTV Cinema On Demand Movies
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