An Entertainment Experience Like Home, Sometimes Even Better!

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An Entertainment Experience Like Home, Sometimes Even Better!


When your guests have a positive entertainment experience at your hotel they will tell their friends and family. Word of mouth is the least expensive and most trustworthy form of advertising you can get. Not only will you get repeat business from one happy guest; but you can get new additional business from their friends and family. If that happy guest also posts a positive review online, you get the bonus of more free advertising.

Everyone watches TV in their hotel room, even if they have a full itinerary of site seeing or working all day. Business travelers want to wind down or stay informed after a long day of work. Families want to entertain their children on rainy days or in the mornings or evenings of site-seeing days. Extended stay guests want a routine familiar to them.

The Advanced Entertainment Platform was designed to provide a hospitality entertainment system that makes your guests feel at home. This hybrid satellite/streaming entertainment solution was designed for Hospitality to provide free-to-guest live and premium on demand content. Guests have free access to thousands of programs streamed on demand, live programming and App-based content like the Showtime® App, Hallmark Channel Everywhere® App and music offerings from the Music Choice® App.

The Advanced Entertainment Platform complements the HD COM System to provide an enhanced experience to your guests while providing benefits to you, the business owner.

The full system (HD COM and AEP) is eco-friendly and energy efficient. You get more channels while taking up the smallest footprint in the industry. You can get up to 23 HD channels per receiver card and the platform is easily expanded.

AEP adds an in-room set-top box, antimicrobial custom remote and cloud services to the HD COM System. Having a set top box eliminates the need for Pro:Idiom TVs and HD and 4KHDR content is supported.

The home screen is simple and interactive so guests can easily select programming or service-related apps (which you can customize). In fact, the whole home screen can be easily customized to promote your brand. Insert your logo and add a background image or color. Create a welcome message to promote onsite events, restaurants or amenities. You can even customize an easily selectable icon menu, add local weather, and much more.

If you need tech support, Sonu Satellite can monitor your system through the cloud and troubleshoot without you needing to make an appointment for someone to come out. We can also customize your Home Screen for you and manage any system updates through the cloud for your ultimate convenience.

Contact or call 877-999-7668 to see how the COM3000 System with the Advanced Entertainment Platform can increase your word-of-mouth advertising by increasing recommendations from happy guests.