DIRECTV for Business | Best 4K TV Provider


DIRECTV for Business | Best 4K TV Provider

DIRECTV for Business is currently the absolute leader in 4K TV Programming across all commercial television programming providers, including both DISH Network and XFINITY. 4K resolution has been around since as early as 2005, and has become the benchmark for “High-Definition” in both consumer and commercial TV displays. Although, television programming has only begun to catch up with the 4K wave very recently. So, the only things available to watch in stunning 4K resolution were online streaming videos, Ultra HD Movies, and video games.

DIRECTV has decided it was their responsibility to offer customers more 4K television programming, and has been making a great effort to supply a generous mix of both dedicated 4K TV channels and special 4K HD broadcast events. Of the three major national television providers, DIRECTV for Business is the only one to currently offer dedicated 4K resolution channels. Channel 104 offers viewers a mix of breath-taking nature documentaries along with the diverse programming from AT&T/DIRECTV’s Audience Network. Channel 105 is also dedicated to 4K Ultra HD programming, but focuses on major concerts, sports, and other live events.

DIRECTV-for-Business-4K-Ultra-HD-ProgrammingAs a business owner in any business category, value is always the most important subject in purchasing. So, let’s walk through the value of DIRECTV 4K HD programming for your business. As a location offering 4K HD TV viewing, your business will become a destination for major television events. Hotel and Motel properties can upgrade their guest room entertainment experience, and offer both AUDIENCE Network TV shows and On-Demand Movies in the most brilliant resolution possible. Restaurants, Bars, Pool Halls, Bowling Alleys, and all other public sports viewing establishments can advertise higher-quality to their patrons on game day. These simple and effective sales points have been driving additional business to venues since the dawn of television, and your business can get on the receiving end with DIRECTV for Business.

Contact Sonu Satellite to speak with a qualified DIRECTV for Business representative, and ask about providing 4K UHD programming within your business. Our experienced sales staff will give you all the information necessary for becoming the local top-quality viewing destination!
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