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DIRECTV for Hospitals | Hospital Technology Equipment

DIRECTV Hospital Technology

DIRECTV for Hospitals gives your commercial healthcare facilities all the television programming your patients, staff, and visitors love without breaking the yearly budget. DIRECTV has multiple TV system options for properties of all sizes and programming preferences within the healthcare industry. Whether your hospital is currently using Pro:Idiom or Non-Pro:Idiom television displays from any era, there is a smart and affordable option available to provide your patients with quality entertainment.

DIRECTV hospital equipment integrates very easily with your healthcare facility’s current television networking. Whether your hospital is using cable services or another satellite TV provider, DIRECTV will install over the majority of existing wire networks. Both our COM Headend TV Systems and the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) have continued to improve commercial TV technology by decreasing size without sacrificing programming. These systems have been FCC-tested and proven to be energy-efficient, saving your business more than just the value of our channel packages. DIRECTV for hospitals is truly the best tv for healthcare option available.

DIRECTV COM3000 Headend System

DIRECTV has released the COM3000 Headend TV System, raising the bar for commercial headend equipment across the nation. The COM3000 is the 3rd generation headend system developed by DIRECTV specifically for commercial use. It packs more channels into a smaller rack space, uses less power, and offers business owners access to 4K Ultra High-Definition programming for their 4K UHD TVs. As always, DIRECTV COM units allow business owners to provide satellite television programming in every room without the need for set-top boxes. Pro:Idiom televisions are required for this option. The COM3000 allows your business to carry up to 23 HD or SD channels per blade, and up to 138 channels per chassis. With the headend system you will also be able to completely customize your hospital’s tv channel offerings, giving you the option of choosing an entire DIRECTV channel package or selecting only the programming you want for your property. The DIRECTV COM3000 also offers your business an optional on-screen channel guide for ease of browsing.


DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)

The DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) is also available to hospitals and healthcare facilities. This system more closely resembles the at-home viewing dynamic, and will give your patients the ability to browse and select channels as if they were in their own bed. The DRE system places a low-profile set-top box at each television location, and offers the full interactive programming guide for local, national, and premium channels. The Residential Experience gives you access to over 100 HD channels, and even allows you to create a custom branded welcome screen across all property tv displays. The DIRECTV Residential Experience PLUS offers even more commercial features that will benefit both your patients and staff, including:

  • Favorite channels list
  • Co-branding
  • Custom programming by room type
  • On-screen guest messaging
  • Parental Controls
  • Interactive Program Guide updates
  • Remote receiver resets
  • Low battery alerts for remotes in each room
DIRECTV Residential Experience vs DRE Plus

Call Sonu Satellite to ask about current promotions available to save you even more when activating DIRECTV for Hospitals and Healthcare properties. Couple DIRECTV programming with our selection of healthcare TV displays from LG and Samsung for a completely upgraded commercial television experience. Commercial SMARTGive your patients and visitors the entertainment that makes them feel at home.


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