DIRECTV for Hotels | 2020 Promotions

DIRECTV for Hotels | 2020 Promotions

DIRECTV Hospitality 2020 Free Equipment Promotions

DIRECTV for Hotels has made a large impact on the hospitality industry over the last 2 years, and things continue to get better! Sonu Satellite is excited to announce the brand new DIRECTV for Hospitality promotions, effective January 18th, 2020. We have some familiar subsidy structures returning, but also a very enticing Free Equipment Offer that we would like to further detail in this article. This new offer also includes the cutting-edge DIRECTV Advanced Entertainment System, which is AT&T's highly-anticipated answer for hotel room OTT content and cloud services.

DIRECTV Hospitality Best Free Equipment Offer

DIRECTV's 2020 Advanced Free COM System Equipment Offer comes with a few qualification requirements, which should not be surprising for hotel owners who participated in previous DIRECTV Free Equipment Offers. Only hotels with 100 rooms or more that sign a 7-year DIRECTV Lodging & Institutions agreement will qualify for the 2020 Free Com Equipment promotion. These hotel properties must also subscribe to the DIRECTV Entertainment Programming Package or above, Local Channels, HD Access, and the DIRECTV Advanced Entertainment Platform.

The DIRECTV Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP) combines DIRECTV linear satellite and broadband over-the-top content for an enhanced entertainment experience. This solution adds an in-room set top box (STB), antimicrobial custom remote and cloud services to HD COM systems to bring app-based content to provide endless entertainment options. The Advanced Entertainment Platform also allows property owners to create their own personalized Welcome Screen, with options for Property Logo, Welcome Message, Color Branding, Current Weather Information, Default Channel, Featured Apps, and much more. Speak to an official Sonu Satellite sales representative for more details on the DIRECTV Advanced Entertainment Platform.

DIRECTV Hospitality Great Free Equipment Offer

If your hotel and/or motel properties do not have the 100 rooms required to qualify for the offer above, there is also an additional DIRECTV Free Equipment Offer for businesses with 50-75 rooms or more. Of course, the details of this offer are just a bit different. Properties with a minimum of 75 rooms may qualify for this offer by signing a 7-year agreement, and choosing the DIRECTV Select Package or above, Local Channels, and HD Access. 75 Room properties are also the minimum to qualify for Free HD COM Equipment, which is the standard Commercial Headend Television System for businesses. Hotel or motel properties with 50 rooms or more are able to qualify for Free DIRECTV Residential Experience Equipment, which offers a more "at-home" style of channel browsing via a receiver box in every room. In addition to the 7-year Agreement, Select Package, Local Channels, and HD Access; the DRE System also includes a $0.50 receiver fee per room.

All DIRECTV Free Equipment offers in 2020 include a 2020 NFL Sunday Ticket subscription at no additional cost! Give your property the power of NFL Football games all season long in stunning high-definition. DIRECTV is still the industry's leading provider of 4K Movies, 4K TV Shows, 4K Concert Events, and 4K Professional Sports. Deliver the best in Ultra HD entertainment in every lobby, guest room, and common area.

Does your hotel or motel property not have the 50 rooms or more required for a DIRECTV Free HD Com System promotion? That's ok, because Sonu Satellite can still help you save money on a brand new HD Television System! As long as your property has a minimum of 20 rooms, we can find you a solution. Increased subsidies are also available for properties with a minimum of 50 rooms and 75 rooms. Call Sonu Satellite to discuss the DIRECTV Hospitality promotions your property qualifies for in 2020.