DIRECTV for Hotels

DIRECTV for Hotels

Give your hotel guests an unparalleled entertainment experience

Sonu Satellite offers flexible options for providing your guests with DIRECTV’s top-rated television service. Hotel properties are installed with one of two types of systems: DIRECTV Headend Systems or DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) systems. Both of these hotel TV systems are available with HD options to meet national hotel chain standards, and keep your property ahead of the competition by providing an enhanced viewing experience. Our company has been installing and servicing DIRECTV for Hotels since 1997. Trust in our experience within hospitality properties, and call today for a free quote.


The compact, centralized COM3000 allows you to give your guests HD channels without having to put a receiver in each room.  The COM3000 is compatible with most wiring.  Pro:Idiom TVs are required.

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Sonu Satellite and DIRECTV make it easy to provide your guests with the TV experience they have at home:  A large flat screen HD TV, premium sports, family and movie channels as well as local networks.

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The DIRECTV Residential Experience gives your guests the same channel browsing experience they enjoy at home, making their in-room entertainment feel as comfortable as possible. Ask about the Plus Package!

DIRECTV for Hotels | Nationwide Installation & Service

Sonu Satellite has specialized in selling and servicing DIRECTV HOSPITALITY across the nation for over 20 successful years. Our knowledgeable and courteous team is always ready to assist in new DIRECTV HOSPITALITY systems, upgrades, or questions regarding your current TV service. With DIRECTV’s broad range of popular and affordable hospitality TV programming, Sonu Satellite offers unparalleled installation and service to hotels and motels of all brands and sizes within the continental United States. Activate a brand new DIRECTV HD Entertainment System today!

Sonu Satellite and DIRECTV offer two types of equipment systems for Hotels and Motels:

DIRECTV Head-End Systems  |  DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) Systems

DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) Systems

The DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) system more closely resembles the at-home experience, and allows your guests access to potentially hundreds of channels, many of which are in HD. One receiver is installed at each TV, which enables the viewer to have access to the full programming packages you’ve selected.  These receivers are small enough to be discreetly mounted behind each TV or be hidden behind furniture.  The DIRECTV Residential Experience also features a simplified, anti-microbial remote control designed for hospitality businesses.  The DRE is a favorite amongst hoteliers across the nation for many reasons including:


  • Fully customizable welcome screen
  • User-friendly, interactive program guide
  • Maximum access to HD Channels

DIRECTV COM3000 Headend System

The COM3000 Headend system offers up to 23 HD or SD channels per blade, and up to 138 channels per chassis within an easily expandable platform. The COM3000 supports 4K HDR Satellite Broadcast Channels, giving your business the resolution to make 4K commercial TVs look amazing with live television. Manage the COM3000 network through a local web interface, or manage multiple properties via a single centralized hub. The COM3000 is also FCC tested as the lowest consumer of power in the commercial television industry. Some key features of the COM3000 Headend System include:


  • Custom channel line up
  • Optional scrolling on-screen channel guide
  • All equipment stored in a centralized location
  • Compatible with most wiring
  • 4K UHD Programming Ready
  • Most channels in smallest Headend footprint

DIRECTV Analog Headend Systems

Analog Headend TV Systems are custom-built for each individual property and ideal for any number of rooms. The DIRECTV HOSPITALITY equipment is installed in a central location, away from customer contact, so your guests will not gain access to the satellite equipment. In most cases, a building’s existing cable wiring can be used with little to no modifications. You choose not only the number of channels, but also which channels you want to show. This allows you to meet the most exacting brand criteria. With an analog headend system, you can rest assured your guests are getting the best entertainment with no filler channels, and your guests can flip through channels without ever knowing they are watching a satellite service.  Some key features of the Headend System include:


  • Custom channel line up
  • Optional scrolling on-screen channel guide
  • All equipment stored in a centralized location
  • Compatible with most wiring

Sonu Satellite also offers specials not available through most retailers.

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Bringing DIRECTV for Hotels into the future of guest room television


The Advanced Entertainment Platform combines DIRECTV linear satellite and broadband over-the-top content to create an enhanced entertainment experience for your guests. This solution adds an in-room set-top box, antimicrobial custom remote, and cloud services to DIRECTV HD COM Systems. The Advanced Entertainment Platform gives your guests access to app-based content from popular channels; such as SHOWTIME and Hallmark Channel. This allows viewers instant access to stream entertainment with no logins or passwords required.


Apps give your viewers instant access to stream thousands of premium entertainment titles, including popular TV series, blockbuster movies, sports, documentaries and more. DIRECTV for Hotels has never been more interactive. Imagine giving your guests the exact entertainment browsing experience they enjoy on their SMARTV at home, but without the hassle of confirming or leaving behind any vital account information.


      Flexible, cloud-delivered updates to meet changing hospitality market needs


      Customizable home screen includes your logo, welcome message, background image and more


      4K UHD content available in on-demand format for 4K Televisions on COM 3000 Headend systems


      Add your own custom channels and share information with your customers with local and over-the-air content insertion features
      Streaming content from personal devices to your hospitality TVs through STAYCAST™


      On demand programming through app-based content at no additional cost


      Live TV includes sports, breaking news, hit shows and more on DIRECTV for Hotels


      The DIRECTV AEP does not require any PMS System Integration

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