DIRECTV Santa Tracker 2018

DIRECTV Santa Tracker 2018

DIRECTV Santa Tracker

Welcome to the Christmas season! Join in on the holiday fun by tuning in to the official DIRECTV Santa Tracker app. Enjoy the innocent wonder with your children as DIRECTV tracks Santa Clause across his entire Christmas 2018 campaign. Santa’s annual flight does not start until December 24th, but there are plenty of activities available on Santa Tracker leading up to his grand global cruise. Tune in to channel 110 from November 21st through January 3rd, and keep the little ones in the spirit all month long with the following interactive Christmas content right on your DIRECTV.

Christmas Games

Play a selection of original Christmas games with your friends and family on DIRECTV! Choose from Jolly Dropper, Cookie Crumble, Present Panic, and Santa’s Workshop. Play right on TV with your DIRECTV remote. Winner gets dibs on Santa’s left-over cookies!

Christmas Karaoke

Why brave the winter cold when you can go caroling on TV? Introducing DIRECTV’s Christmas Karaoke Sing-Along! The words to your favorite Christmas songs scroll along with the music, and make the season bright.

DIRECTV Naughty or Nice

This interactive survey game is sure to make things interesting. “Naughty or Nice” is a carefully designed questionnaire, developed to accurately determine which of Santa’s lists you and your family might be on! Be honest, and see what your score is for this holiday season. Maybe Santa will take your name off the naughty list for answering correctly.

Christmas Read-Alongs

Snuggle with family to a collection of winter-themed stories available both for you to read out-loud, or enjoy the audio-book on screen. Read your children a seasonal bedtime story without ever having to leave the couch, and they can read with you on DIRECTV. This is quickly becoming a fan favorite this holiday season.

DIRECTV Christmas Movies

Search no further for those classic Christmas movies you crave every year. Santa Tracker has them organized and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Holiday Screensavers

Want to keep your TV in the Chrismtas spirit when you’re not watching DIRECTV? Choose a holiday screensaver to turn your television into a social center piece.

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