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Healthcare technology is now more advanced than ever, and new commercial healthcare monitors benefit both patients and employees. SMART TV and Touch Screen capabilities have completely changed the landscape of how healthcare professionals and their patients interact, creating a much more personal and informed experience.

As a preferred vendor of commercial Healthcare TV displays for both Samsung and LG, we supply both bulk Samsung Hospital TVs and bulk LG Hospital TVs. Our sales staff will educate you on all of the amazing benefits available to your healthcare facility. Call for a free quote: (877) 999-7668

Health Smart TV

We offer the full line of LG Healthcare TVs. With commercial grade LCD displays, Plasma displays, Touch Screen displays, and Stretch Screen displays, LG has the healthcare televisions your Hospital, Urgent Care, Doctor’s Office, or Clinic needs. The new Interactive Pro:Centric Patient Room Experience allows healthcare facilities to customize the patient room experience. This new application allows your healthcare facility to create your own original content and manage multiple channels.

Samsung commercial Healthcare TV displays receive worldwide acclaim. Not only are Samsung’s commercial displays of the highest quality in the market; but their healthcare technology features are truly second to none. Samsung’s hospital TV displays can interact with Samsung tablets, allowing healthcare staff to share records and reports with patients more easily. Ask us about the MyChart Portal, and how it has changed the face of healthcare technology.