Hospitality Television

Hospitality Television Experience

Hotel entertainment technology is now more advanced than ever; subsequently, new Hotel TVs are a major player in both guest and employee life. Combining the DIRECTV Residential Experience with Smart TVs and Clean Remotes allow your guests to search for TV shows and movies via the same digital menu they use at home, log on to their streaming services, be confident their remote is germ free and even record a show or movie to watch after their sight seeing or business meeting. These improvements are decreasing guest issues and increasing positive reviews.


With the DRE+ system, every TV comes equipped with a fully customizable Guest Welcome Screen with interactive apps/icons. Features include guest welcome messaging, hotel logo, hotel info app, Program Guide, ScoreGuide™ app, weather info and folio info/express checkout. Just when you thought your TV for business experience could not get any more professional, the DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus raised the bar!


Contact us for a FREE QUOTE for your new entertainment experience package. Ask us about pairing your DRE with  Samsung Hospitality TVs, RCA Hospitality TVs or LG Hotel TVs. Our sales staff will educate you on all of the amazing benefits available to your guests and staff.


Hotel/Motel TVs

Many of Samsung’s standard Hospitality TVs feature direct-lit LED technology that produces a more brilliant visual experience for your both your hotel guests and employees. Slim Direct-Lit LED TV technology provides a great picture with uniform brightness and energy savings, making your in-room entertainment better and greener. Ask us about Samsung SMART TV features, and how they make a Hotelier’s life so much easier.

LG Hospitality TV Displays offer top quality Hotel TVs and Lobby Monitors for your Hotel or Motel facility. With a wide selection of Pro:Centric TVs, SMART TVs, and OLED Displays, LG Hospitality televisions have the technology your guests will want for every stay. Their focus on Hotels, and their guests’ satisfaction, has led to certified partnerships based on reliability, trust and excellence. Today, the 20-year leader in Hospitality TVs can now offer five-star, end-to-end display solutions for the entire hotel.

LG Hospitality TV

RCA Hospitality Televisions offer great functionality for even better prices. Whether your hotel property is looking for a more cost-effective entertainment solution or a high-end lodging television, RCA Commercial Electronics has a comprehensive solution for your specific property needs. RCA Hospitality series televisions deliver HD entertainment for your guests, and inventive features to help you and your staff.

Clean Remotes

Why Clean TV Remotes?

Universal TV Remotes are a hot bed of germs and bacteria. Studies show the TV remote carries the most germs and bacteria out of everything found within a Hotel, Motel or Bed & Breakfast. Some major hotel chains have taken this matter serious enough to mandate the use of Clean Remotes in all of their guest rooms. We believe everyone’s hospitality business would benefit greatly from doing the same.


Both guests and employees are affected by the germs passed on via universal remotes. If a guest or guests were to become ill during their stay, their experience and reviews of your hotel or motel are going to be affected.


Clean Remotes Save Time & Money

Clean Remote universal TV remotes are equipped with features specifically suited for Hospitality and Healthcare usage. The following features save time and money by anticipating the most common issues your staff solves daily.

  • Designed to take on repetitive usage and abuse.
  • Hidden Battery Compartment. No more lost batteries!
  • One-Button Set-Up – Simply hold down the programming button until your TV monitor shuts off, and release it. They work universally with over 200 brands of Hospitality and Healthcare commercial TV monitors. Once programmed, they lock to prevent user tampering. Never get a front-desk call to reprogram a TV remote again. Remote programming even stays locked through battery replacement!