SONU Services


Sonu Satellite is a leading retailer of DIRECTV for Business, providing quality entertainment and top-notch customer service nationwide.  DIRECTV’s comprehensive and affordable programming allows you to give your patrons the television content they expect without exceeding your budget. Sonu Satellite’s sales and service team is ready to help you select the TV for business channel packages and equipment solutions to optimize the impact DIRECTV can have on your brand. The statistics speak for themselves – most consumers agree that DIRECTV increases business and revenue, and makes your patrons feel more at home.


Sonu Satellite provides hardware solution specific to the needs of each customer.  Our sales team consults with each individual client to determine the most efficient, effective TV for business equipment and installation options.  While every customer will require a dish and receiver(s), additional hardware is typically needed to accommodate each customer’s facilities.  These components vary based on the type of system, number of televisions, and the services to which you subscribe.


Sonu Satellite strives to provide the best TV for business customer service in the industry.  We provide professional installation and system maintenance.  Our highly trained technicians and nationwide coverage make it easy to provide your company with prompt service for new TV for business system installs, upgrades or any service needs.  Sonu Satellite’s sales and service team is available around the clock to assist in any questions you may have about programming or equipment, and provide over the phone or onsite support should you experience any interruptions in service.