Q. What is the headend system?

A headend system is the term for satellite systems in which the equipment is installed in a centralized location.  The channels are modulated to each customer specifications.  The property owner selects the channels from the subscribed package(s) to be broadcast through the property based on their needs and/or brand requirements.  Headend systems are available in both analog and HD.  HD systems require Pro:Idiom TVs.

Q: What is a DRE?

DRE is the acronym for DIRECTV Residential Experience.  It is a high definition system.  A receiver is installed at each TV. This receiver is smaller and therefore can be installed less conspicuously than other model receivers.  HD TVs are required for the DRE and not all wiring is compatible.  Pro:Idiom TVs are not required

Q: What is the difference between managed and unmanaged DRE systems?

The managed system features a server which is installed in a centralized location and enables the property to customize services available to each room. For example, the system can be programmed to display a welcome message to all or a specified number of rooms, block programming to all or some of the rooms, and clear

out any parental controls which may have been set during a guests’ stay.

Q: What equipment do I need in basic installation?

Equipment needs vary based on the type of system ordered.  A satellite dish is always needed to allow the satellite signal to be read, as well as a receiver.  The number of receivers and any additional equipment will depend on the number of TV’s and the desired results from the system.

Q: How many dishes do I need? How many dishes do I need if I want international programming?

This answer varies based on the specifics of the individual property.  You will always need at least one dish.  International programming selections may require a separate dish.  Building size and layout also play a factor in the number of required dishes.

Q: Is there a cost for installation?

This answer varies. Customers signing up under the Business Viewing, Private Viewing or Public Viewing promotions qualify for free equipment and free basic installation of a specified number of TV’s. These locations sometimes exceed the basic installation guidelines and therefore incur installation charges. Hospitality properties will most likely have an installation charge but can save money if they are eligible for and select the available subsidies.

Q: What is a modulator?

A modulator is the part used to assign the programming from the receiver to a specific channel on the TV. Modulators are most commonly used in head end systems, however, they can also be handy in configurations like a sports bar where one channel will broadcast on multiple TV’s throughout the building. There are several types of modulators, the most common being fixed channel.


The receiver connected to the modulator is set to one channel only. The modulator then converts this to the desired channel number on the TV. For example, if the satellite channel number is 256 and the receiver is installed with a channel 3 modulator, the channel will broadcast on channel 3 on the TV. The channel is changed using the television’s remote as opposed to the satellite receiver’s remote.

Q: What are Pro: Idiom TV’s?

Pro:Idiom is an encryption technology used in the hospitality industry for the delivery of digital television signals. This technology applies to high definition headends.  It enables the TV’s to display programming from the high definition headend unit.

Q: What channels does DTV offer?

DirecTV offers channels and programming available through most top service providers, as well as exclusive packages like the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Q: Do you do work in restaurants?

DirecTV is available for bar and restaurant use, or Public Viewing. Sonu Satellite has installed thousands of Public Viewing establishments and is fully trained to service all types of commercial properties.

Q: Do you do work in small and large hotels?

Yes. DirecTV has special offers for hotels which is billed on a per room, per month basis (a minimum room count of 20 applies). Sonu Satellite has long been a trusted and well-known name in the hospital industry, providing installation and service for properties ranging from roadside motels to five star hotels.

Q: Do you have techs that can come out the same day?

In most cases, a technician is available for same day service. However, this availability can be effected by various circumstances, most commonly weather. In extreme weather conditions technicians may be unavailable due to personal safety risks.

Q: What businesses have you worked with?

Sonu Satellite has a longstanding relationship with a wide range of business. We are an endorsed and/or preferred vendor with several well-known hospitality franchises. We are also the exclusive vendor for several fitness center and restaurant chains.