TV for Business | Cable VS Satellite

TV for Business | Cable VS Satellite

DIRECTV TV for BusinessCommercial TV for Business can be a very complicated decision for any Hotel, Healthcare Facility, or Office Building owner. Who has the best signal? Who can give me all of the channels my guests / employees need? Who has the best price for the vast number of rooms we need to fill? All of these questions are completely rational, and Sonu Satellite has been answering them for over 20 years in the Lodging & Institutions markets.

Besides the choices between individual providers and their packages, the most common decision our commercial property owners deal with, is whether Cable or Satellite TV for Business is better. The most honest answer is that each have certain qualities that shine for different reasons, but not all of those qualities affect the bottom line for a business owner. We hope the research and articles referenced in this informative piece make your decision a bit easier when choosing your TV Entertainment Provider.

The best way to communicate why Satellite TV is a better choice for business owners, is to break things down into individual aspects:

High Definition Programming Quality

Samsung Hotel TV HG43NE478SFXZANothing will WOW a guest or employee more than HD TV Programming. Why would you spend the money on HD Flat Panel TV displays, if you’re going to offer fuzzy standard definition channels? That is certainly not the message you want to send as a business owner. Between Cable and Satellite TV, Satellite easily takes the cake on high definition programming.

DIRECTV has a wide selection of National HD Channels, and Satellite providers normally have more to offer than Cable. The Family Base Hospitality Channel Package from DIRECTV has 19 National HD channels, and that’s not including premium channel subscriptions like HBO and Showtime. Just one channel package above the Family Bundle offers over 50 National HD Channels, and things only get more exciting from there.

TV for Business Channel Selection

Once again, Satellite TV takes the cake for National Programming over cable providers. The DIRECTV Family Base Package is the lowest priced programming bundle for hospitality properties, and it offers 60 National Channels (19 in HD). You might be thinking, “Oh, but they’re most likely lesser known channels.” If Bloomberg TV, CSPAN, Disney, Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic, Hallmark, and Nickelodeon sound like “lesser known” national channels, we would love to know what comes across your TV every day.

DIRECTV TV for BusinessThe Select Base Package only gets better, offering over 100 Channels and including national programming such as:

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • FX
  • History
  • MTV
  • SyFy
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • USA
  • … and more.


On-Demand Content

As the way we view TV entertainment constantly seems to be changing, Paid On-Demand Content has become more and more important to our television programming provider choices. The important thing to understand about this aspect of the Cable VS Satellite TV for Business debate, is it’s relatively even between the two. DIRECTV has made great strides in providing its new DIRECTV CINEMA service, which offers a vast array of movies on-demand with an interactive menu that resembles other popular streaming services like Netflix and/or Hulu. Some box office movies have even been known to be available on DIRECTV Cinema before debuting in national theaters. Keep your guests connected to all of the latest Hollywood hits, and make sure their stay is a memorable one!

TV for Business Package Pricing

We have hit the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen. The first and last aspect of choosing a commercial television programming provider will always be pricing. Luckily, the battle on this front is ultimately won by Satellite TV. With tiered base pricing packages and additional premium channel packages, Satellite very much resembles Cable’s sales structure. Although, Satellite TV for Business providers offer better $/channel ratios and better HD reception than Cable providers. DIRECTV is a major leader in commercial Satellite TV, and rivals or out performs its competitors in pricing per room. Contact Sonu Satellite for current DIRECTV Commercial Programming Packages, and we will be able to offer you a very reasonable quote per room in your Hospitality, Healthcare, or Office properties.

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