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Clean Universal TV Remotes for Hospitality & Healthcare






TV Remotes for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, College Dorms, Assisted Living Communities, and all other Lodging & Institutions facilities. Sonu Satellite is a preferred vendor of Clean Remote universal remote control wands. Contact us for the best pricing on bulk orders for clean remote technology. Keep your business safe and sanitary by cutting down on the germs and bacteria passed between guests and employees.

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Why Clean TV Remotes?

Universal TV Remotes are a hot bed of germs and bacteria. Studies show the TV remote carries the most germs and bacteria out of everything found within a Hotel, Motel, Hospital, College Dorm, or Assisted Living facility. Some major hotel chains have taken this matter serious enough to mandate the use of Clean Remotes in all of their guest rooms. We believe everyone’s hospitality business would benefit greatly from doing the same.


Both guests and employees are affected by the germs passed on via universal remotes. If a guest or guests were to become ill during their stay, their experience and reviews of your hotel or motel are going to be affected. If a resident of your Assisted Living Community or College Dormitory happens to come down with a serious illness, many others can be affected very easily for spending so much time within a confined environment. Hospitals and Healthcare facilities handle contagious bacteria every single day, and pride themselves on trying to stay as sterile as possible.


Scientifically Proven

CLEAN REMOTE TV Remote Study Results

Table 1 specifically shows results for the amount of MRSA and VRE bacteria found on popular commercial TV remotes from both Zenith, On-Command, and Panasonic, and compares them to the Clean Remote. MRSA and VRE bacteria are especially dangerous to both staff and guests, because they have developed resistances to many antibiotics. The quantity of MRSA and VRE bacteria found on Clean Remotes are astronomically less both before and after cleaning them to official experimental standards.

Table 2 shows the values found for all bacteria living on the same universal remotes. Once again, and in even further convincing fashion, Clean Remote designs prove their 99% more sanitary status. Our TV remotes prevent residual bacteria from the very beginning of use, and allow your staff to remove almost all of the remaining bacteria during routine cleaning.


Clean Remotes Save Time & Money

Clean Remote universal TV remotes are equipped with features specifically suited for Hospitality and Healthcare usage. The following features save time and money by anticipating the most common issues your staff solves daily.

  • Designed to take on repetitive usage and abuse.
  • Hidden Battery Compartment. No more lost batteries!
  • One-Button Set-Up – Simply hold down the programming button until your TV monitor shuts off, and release it. They work universally with over 200 brands of Hospitality and Healthcare commercial TV monitors. Once programmed, they lock to prevent user tampering. Never get a front-desk call to reprogram a TV remote again. Remote programming even stays locked through battery replacement!