What Is the DIRECTV Residential Experience?

What Is the DIRECTV Residential Experience?

The DRE, or DirecTV Residential Experience, is a high definition system that most closely resembles the at-home experience. Your guests or residents have access to the full programming packages you select. That is potentially 100+ HD channels. Your guests get an enhanced interactive program guide, the full residential programming lineup, and the first anti-microbial remote designed by DIRECTV specifically for the lodging and hospitality industry.

Not only is this system easier for guests or residents to get the channels they want, and are used to watching at home; but the DRE system is the more cost effective for smaller properties. A receiver is installed at each TV so you can use any HDTV. However, we always recommend Hospitality-grade TVs/ You don’t have to purchase special Pro:Idiom TVs, so you can find compatible TVs almost anywhere.

Yes, you will need to have a receiver installed at each TV; but that gives your guests or residents access to over 100 HDTV channels, the residential interactive programming guide, and parental controls. The current receiver used for DRE is the H25 receivers with special hospitality firmware. This is smaller than previous receivers, so it can be installed less conspicuously than other model receivers. This system also comes with a simplified, anti-microbial remote designed for hospitality businesses.

In order to determine if your property qualifies for this system and you receive the right set up for your location, a site survey must be completed. We use a standardized installation method that eliminates technician confusion and creates peace of mind for you, the property owner.

Are you intrigued and want to know more specifics in regards to your hotel or facility? Just give us a call at 877-999-7668 and our team will help you determine if DRE is best for you and your guests/residents.

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